Swiss branded watches Minor

If you want to know the Swiss watches brand Minor and who we are behind it, here is our history.

Minor is a brand of Swiss automatic watches, manufactured under the Swiss Made quality seal, meeting the highest standards required by the Swiss Federal Council. From its initial development to its final quality control, each Minor watch carries with it the best know-how of Swiss watchmaking.

Swiss precision and minimalist design combined to create versatile automatic watches with a strong personality that reflect the style and individuality of the owners of our pieces.

You will be part of our boutique brand through watches that will set you apart from the majority and allow you to enter a world of contemporary luxury, where not only quality, craftsmanship and exclusivity count, but also self-expression, creativity and innovation that will allow you to reach your full potential.

The essence of authenticity and exclusivity, now closer to you, reflected in every detail of our watches, produced in limited numbers each year.

You will enjoy a Minor experience with a personalized and close attention, being part of an international community of watch lovers. You will have first access to new releases, and you will have the opportunity to learn about new experiences that we offer with our partners.

Swiss brand watches Minor


Santiago Salgado Menor, our grandfather, was a fervent fan of watchmaking, which he discovered in the 50s when he emigrated from Galicia, Spain, to Venezuela and there he came into contact with one of the largest distributors of Swiss watchmaking in the country, Cupello, beginning to appreciate the good work of Swiss watchmaking houses in the models of the time. A point of inflexion from which he did not want other watches that were not these.

He instilled in us, Héctor, Santiago and César Pérez Salgado, his passion, his obsession for detail, his taste for things well done, quality and his family values with unwavering honesty and loyalty, but he also gave us the best possible gift and the one we value the most, his time.

"We have created a range of watches that not only lives up to the highest quality and durability, but also has a story to tell. It has been a way of giving back, to our grandfather, part of what he taught us, in addition to his values, his passion for watches. These are pieces that have become more than just a watch."

Our grandfather's legacy

Santiago Salgado Menor

In 2021 and in honor of him, we created in Spain Minor, a universe dedicated to watchmaking and the promotion of the values that inspire us. Now our time is dedicated to you, where we will make you feel at home, giving you all these values as part of Minor.


"The result is a collection of watches that are imbued with the values that have been handed down from generation to generation and named MINOR, referring to our grandfather's surname."

Minor Watches. Swiss Made watches designed in Spain

We invite you to discover our collection of Minor brand Swiss watches and find the one that fits you. We are waiting for you.

Visit our online store if you want to know more about us or contact us by email at or by our
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The legacy of Santiago Salgado Menor


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