Limited editions and customizations

Personalized watch

Create your personalized watch with Minor.

Enjoy the experience of gathering all your colleagues, friends or clients around a watch tailor-made for your organization.

Whether you are a member of a sports club, a collector's club, a jeweler, in the fashion industry or any other industry sector, we will always find a way to tailor the watch to your needs, we will always find a way to adapt the watch to your needs.

From a limited edition of our collection, with a personalized dial, to a unique collection with an exclusive design, to a tourbillon. Tell us your idea and we will offer you the solution.

Personalized watch

*This service will be subject to a minimum number of units depending on the customized watch you want, except for watches with tourbillon, where you can customize a single piece.

*There is the possibility of licensing and manufacturing your brand watches with us thanks to our network of suppliers in Switzerland, adapting to the requirements and qualities demanded.

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