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Hazelnut leather strap


Specially tanned cowhide leather to provide the strap with greater durability, flexibility and comfort on the wrist. Leather tanned in Spain in compliance with REACH regulations. Handmade by our partner JACOB STRAPS. Measures: 115/75 mm long and
20mm wide.

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strap finish

Beige thread, brushed buckle (matte finish), Blue thread, brushed buckle (matte finish), Orange thread, brushed buckle (matte finish), Orange thread, black PVD buckle (matte finish), Beige thread, polished buckle (gloss finish)

The quality of craftsmanship

Leather travel case

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We have three colors of straps and within each color different variations that you can choose. Change the color of the thread or the finish of the buckle by selecting from the possible variations available. 

The perfect blend of shape and function

Minimalist, but only in design

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